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was established in the spirit and the letter of the law under the name of Civil Law Firm “Dumitrașcu, Comănescu and Associates”, supporting its partners, since 2005, specialized in administrative and tax litigation, real estate and commercial. Along the way, we realized that our partners’ needs extended to other areas, so we expanded our area of expertise by co-opting lawyers specialized in intellectual and industrial property, debt portfolio management, corporate, corporate and non-governmental, criminal and criminal procedure and, last but not least, sports law, becoming the Civil Law Firm “Comănescu and Associates”.

Respect for professional principles and rules, confidentiality, loyalty to the client and the supremacy of the law have enabled us to exercise our profession with dignity, honour and probity. Although professionally conservative, in order to meet the needs of our partners, we have continuously innovated with the aim of identifying optimal solutions and disseminated successful models to implement in their (partners’) activities. Connected to the day-to-day needs of the business community, since 2014, we have set up a working point within the CCIR Business Center and signed a partnership with CCIR.

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